Monday, 18 June 2012

No Way Out 2012


This is just going to be a very brief write up of my opinions of last night's PPV. I've just got done watching it and need to pump this baby (yeah, I talk like this) out before Monday Night RAW.

I didn't watch the Pre-Show. From what I've read it didn't matter. However, the fact Otunga left of his own accord and not via an ambulance makes me question why he didn't come to Show/Ace's rescue in the main event.

1. Sheamus Vs Ziggler (WHT)- I really enjoyed this match. I think I probably enjoyed it more than the originally booked Sheamus Vs Del Rio match. I think some people may have found it a little awkward in places. It's hard to argue against that but I actually didn't mind that - some of the transitions were scrappy but I think it lent to making the match feel a bit different and, in a way, realistic. I think if anyone used that criticism and then recommended a GAEA match to you, I'd call them a hypocrite. I personally really enjoyed the ground based, chin lock stuff. It reminded me of some of the really old wrestling I've been watching of late (Buddy Rogers, etc).

I like that Ziggler kept the rubber ball style selling to a minimum in this match. It really helped to make him look good.

At points I believed Ziggler could win, such as with the Top Rope X Factor and the DDT that Sheamus took like a champ.

I really liked pretty much everything about it. I liked the allusion to the Wrestlemania 18-second match at the start. Sheamus even seemed quite intense and aggressive during the match. Wish he wouldn't grin so much on the way up the aisle, a bit more selling on the way out'd be nice. ***

2. Santino Vs Rodriguez (Tuxedo Match) - The Tux match should really be left to those who aren't actual wrestlers, imo. I like Rodriguez but I don't think even his silly mannerisms could save this match. I was really glad to hear the boring chant. The Cobra on the foot joke was nice, the Alberto pants joke wasn't (though I think Lawler may have shat himself, he found it that darned funny). If Alberto pants is embarrassing, why'd he wear them to a match with this stipulation? 1/2* for the Cobra bit.

3. Rhodes Vs Christian (IC) - Good match. Really enjoying Christian's three finishers. It's rare that someone can get over two moves as finisher's properly but Christian has done so with three. Rhodes kicking out of the Killswitch might suggest that is on the out as a match ender and will become like the Angle Slam. I hope not though, as it is one of two moves which is very clearly a Christian move (the Diving Reverse DDT being 'tother). The Spear (Edge) and the Frog Splash (Eddie) are both tributes to good friends, but I don't think his Splash looks marvelous and I buy Rhyno and Goldberg doing a Spear more than Christian. However, he's got them over. Well done him.

Overall, this was a solid outing for both. The crowd seemed really nonplussed by the whole thing until the closing sequence - which was really tip top reversal shiz. Those types of sequences work when all the moves the wrestler's have gone for are potential Finishers. Nice Match, **1/2

4. 4 way tag to determine #1 Contenders - Prime Time Players Vs Usos Vs Colons Vs Gabrial/Kidd. I liked this match was on PPV. Crowd was a bit quiet bar the spots - the Kidd on Epico (I think) Hurricanrana from the top to the outside being a prime example. I actually really enjoyed the PTPs move set. I loved that there was a storyline built in surrounding AW and him turning on the Colons. This creates a feud within the division which doesn't directly involve the titles/the champs. It makes the division seem more worthwhile (although this feud is probably just to make time for R Truth to return). Anyway, the match was okay. This stipulation is very Attitude Era so it was a little nostalgic (you can imagine the APA, Kai En Tai, Too Cool and the Headbangers being in this match). I liked it. It wont make the top 25 matches of the year or anything but it did it's job nicely. **

Triple H time - HHH came out, challenged Brock to a match (if he accepts, he's an idiot - HHH should just say "I'll counter-sue for assault if you don't drop the charges and wrestle me). Hopefully Brock will accept though as this might actually shunt Cena off top billing for the first time in a billion years (or thereabouts). This was basically a RAW segment filling up the time. When you cannot fill a PPV with action, there is little hope for 3 Hour RAWs.

5. Layla Vs Beth (Diva) - Pretty poor match. Layla can have a decent match but this was a pretty dull showing. Some poor comedy, some elongated rest holds. Was what it was. It wasn't a complete sham, just forgettable. I think someone else should have been in place of Beth because Beth should be a dominating monster, not a comedic twit who is bothered about a woman dancing about with her headdress. *

6. Hunico Vs Sin Cara - Poor. Hunico tried his hardest but Sin Cara just sucks. Considering he was worked over the whole match he managed to generate zero sympathy. This, I think, is in part to do with his mask. It has no mouth or eye holes. He cannot express and is not good enough at doing so with his body. Secondly, we have no idea who or what he is. Why is he a face? What's he ever done to make me like him. Hunico's matches Vs Justin Gabriel are PPV worthy and this is SuperStars standard. Something is backwards here. I don like Hunico's SchoolBoy Lift Slam. 1/2*

7. Punk Vs Kane Vs Bryan (WWE) - Top notch match. Kane and a love interest in a Bryan/ Punk storyline just sounds like something that ought to not work and would dilute their feud but I think it is nice little addition. The story has developed further, the in ring action was a great deal of fun. I don't think it was a match that would knock anyone's socks off but it really was the match of the night. A great showing for all involved. Should have been the main event...again. ****

8. Ryback Squash - fine. RAW match though.

9. Cena v Show - I can't even be bothered to write about it. *

Overall, it came across as a really good episode of RAW rather than a PPV of any worth. Story's were started or progressed, there were a couple of very good matches but no belts changed hands, there were 9 matches Ryback, HHH Speech, Hunico Vs Sin Cara, 4 way Tag (which was announced a half hour before the show or something), Beth v Layla and the Tuxedo match all came across as TV show matches.

Overall rating, 4 out of 10 due to the three good matches being worth it, and some positive work in the tag division.

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